Immediate actions to take on First Nations, Inuit, and Métis issues across Canada:

  • Improve childcare programs and supports for Indigenous parents to reduce the number of Indigenous children removed from their homes
  • Improve Indigenous language programs and their accessibility
  • Conduct a federal study on the treatment of Indigenous patients in the healthcare system and their access to healthcare, and conduct cultural sensitivity training at all hospitals
  • Improve access to STEM education in Indigenous communities
  • Increase funding to Indigenous infrastructure projects
  • Listen to Indigenous Members of Parliament – stop talking down to them and ignoring their concerns. All government officials must take education in Indigenous issues
  • Re-evaluate criteria and documentation + efficacy of status vs. non-status Indian designations
  • Reduce funding to the RCMP and other police forces and increase funding to social workers for Indigenous communities
  • Provide government-funded healing spaces for Indigenous peoples
  • Improve housing and access to affordable housing for Indigenous communities, especially in the North
  • Increase funding promised to residential school burial sites; $27 M federally and $10 M in Ontario have been promised… But to compare, Air Canada, a private corporation, is receiving a $5.9 B bailout
  • Improve access to mental health and financial supports for residential school and day school survivors
  • Immediately deal with water quality problems. It’s 2021. Boil water advisories should not exist in Indigenous communities
  • Listen to land defenders. Stop drilling, stop logging, stop taking water at disturbingly low cost. Respect the desires of land defenders.

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!

1 comment on “No more talk

  1. Sareeta G.

    Absolutely agree with all points raised…well written!


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